Trustees and Officers

Officers of the Association for 2017-2018

President                        David Dowdell                Treasurer    Amy Wells

1st Vice-President       Vacant                             Secretary     Mark Thompson

2nd Vice-President     Jim Gibson

Officers are elected annually by the Board of Trustees from  its membership, taking office in August of each year.

Trustees of the Association

Name                       Expires      Term

David Bartley              2018          1st

David Dowdell            2019          2nd

John Elgin                   2018          1st

Emily Folz                   2018          1st

Susan Frockt              2020          1st

vacant                          2020          2nd

Jim Gibson                 2019           1st

Eric Graninger           2018          2nd

Lea Hardwick            2020          1st

Tim Holman              2018          1st

Pete Kirven                2019          1st

Stuart MacLean        2020         1st

Cicely Nevitt              2019          1st

Vacant                        2019          2nd

Jennifer Schultz       2020         1st

Deirdre Seim            2018          1st

Mark Thompson     2020          2nd

Amy Wells                2019          1st

Cherokee Triangle Association Board of Trustees Election Process

Six trustee seats are elected to the Board of the Cherokee Triangle Association (CTA) each year.  Each trustee shall serve a 3-year term and can serve two terms.  Current or Lifetime dues paying members of the CTA are eligible.  Members are encouraged to attend at least one Board meeting prior to submitting an application.  Get application form here:     Trustee Application Form 2018 PDF

If there are more applications than open seats, applicants will be listed on a ballot that will be mailed to each dues-paying association member household.  The ballot will have instructions on how to return it.  Ballots will be counted at the May CTA meeting.  Newly-elected trustees are expected to attend the June meeting and will take their seats at the August meeting.

Basic Board Responsibilities

Board meetings are held at the library in the Mid City Mall at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month except July and December.  Trustees are encouraged to attend all meetings.  If a trustee needs to miss a meeting, the trustee should notify the Board secretary as soon as possible.  Three consecutive unexcused absences warrant dismissal from the Board.

Trustees are expected to serve on at least two committees and are encouraged to chair one.  Committees include:  Alleys, Art Fair, By-laws and Resolutions, Concerts, External Affairs (city & county liaison, other neighborhood associations, police, utilities, public relations), Financial Affairs, Neighborhood Preservation & Development, Newsletter, and Nominating.

Our main fundraiser is the annual Cherokee Triangle Art Fair, which is always held the weekend before Derby.  Occasionally a Cherokee Triangle resident allows the CTA to host a cocktail party in their home.  The CTA also has a mid-winter potluck.  Trustees are expected to participate in these events.