Plant a tree! Do you have a spot anywhere on your property for a tree?

The Cherokee Triangle Association will plant more trees in the neighborhood this Fall.  We are looking for homeowners who want to help restore our tree canopy.  Trees can go anywhere on your property – in your yard, or in the planting strip along the street.  Of course, trees planted along the street not only add to the tree canopy but enhance the urban streetscape. We will help you to select suitable sites, and to select appropriate trees for those sites. A wide variety of trees are available.  Homeowners with one or more suitable sites will be asked to contribute $100 per tree towards the cost of having a tree professionally planted.  The remainder of the cost will be covered by the CTA, and from a grant which the Association receives for tree planting.  Plantings include a “Gator Bag” to help you water the trees during their first year.

Interested?  Contact James Millar,  or (502) 459-3960.  Don’t delay.  We want to have the final list of planting sites by the end of October, so do it now!


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