The Cherokee Triangle Association Logo Re-brand

The Cherokee Triangle Association and neighborhood is getting a fresh new look and we want your help! Over the past year our board of trustees and more specifically, the Re-branding committee, has been working on this project in collaboration with a group of local graphic designers.  After a thorough but exciting process, they’ve come up with three strong concepts for the new logo.  For the next stages of the re-brand process, the committee is wanting to hear from fellow CTA members and neighbors on what concept they prefer. They’re excited to share the work they’ve done so far and to hear the constructive feedback from other voices in The Cherokee Triangle, when coming to a final decision on the logo. To see the three concepts and participate in the process, please read their descriptions and click the button below to let us know your thoughts.

Option 1 : Bringing History Forward

Featuring a custom era-specific logotype and a geometric icon that should last well into the future, this mark fulfills what the designers hoped to do. Its simplicity should aid in its flexibility for use, while the logotype reaches for what the neighborhood association seeks to preserve. Symbolically, this logo can represent both the Triangle’s tree canopy and the layout of streets. It also has the ability to build out a more robust identity through pattern and can work easily with photography. One of the strengths of this approach is that it features two very ownable and recognizable elements. The mark and the logotype can be broken apart and still hold up on their own, which is unique.

Option 2 : A Window From The Past

The neighborhood offers architectural elements that the CTA can build an identity with, and yet representing the symbolism of community and the proximity to Cherokee Park may be sometimes difficult to achieve. The image of the stained glass in the homes of the era already lives in the world of symbolism. This mark takes advantage of both the triangle (that the CTA virtually has to use) and the symbolic and more organic imagery of a stained-glass window. This logo works graphically and has the ability to extend into a larger identity system. The shapes in the mark can hold photography or illustration, and it takes advantage of the CTA’s wider color palette easily.

Option 3 : Weaving a Community

In some ways, this mark appears as the most high concept. The logo uses the base symbolism for the Triangle’s park-like setting while working to include the idea of the fabric of a community. The interwoven leaf leads the viewer through the use of pattern. Language can reinforce the notion of neighborliness. The designers also explore what happens when the triangle operates as the boldest element rather than the icon it contains. This choice works quite well visually, as it is very sturdy and helps offset the more organic and whimsical leaf illustration..